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Located on the beautiful campus of the Austine School, the Center for Audiological Services provides comprehensive hearing evaluation and rehabilitation for members of our local community of all ages.

Did you know that over 30 million Americans have hearing loss? For many people, the first symptoms of hearing loss include difficulty hearing distant speech, or trouble understanding conversations in background noise. Over time, hearing loss can cause the world to become quiet and social interactions can be frustrating and difficult. Many people withdraw from activities that they enjoy because of the strain of listening. Children with hearing loss can have difficulties developing communication and social skills and are at risk for educational problems.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation from infants to adults
  • Recommendation and fitting/verification of hearing aids
  • FM system recommendation and verification
  • Recommendation of assistive listening devices
  • Service and repair of hearing aids of all makes/manufacturers
  • Walk-in availability for small repairs or tubing changes during all business hours
  • Recreational earmolds for use with MP3 players, office phones and bluetooth devices
  • Custom made earplugs including musician's plugs, swim plugs, sleep plugs and hunter's plugs
  • Hearing aid batteries and accessories

Options for treating hearing loss used to be pretty limited, but luckily times have changed! While some hearing losses can be treated medically, most hearing losses are best treated with the use of appropriately fit and prescribed hearing aids.

The Center for Audiological Services is a program of the Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc.
130 Austine Dr. (Holton Hall) Brattleboro, VT  05301